The Ponzi Software Development Scheme

The metaphor Ponzi Software Development Scheme, came to me after I have been read about a post from CACM, The Death of Big Software. The traditional big softwares will die away, because they are easily growing to become too hard to maintain, and will be replaced by cloud or microservices architecture based softwares. But will cloud or microservices save big software projects from failure? I rather say, no silver bullets, neither cloud nor microservices. Continue reading

Mongodb(via MongoEngine) join query with aggregate

Since Mongodb 3.2 and MongoEngine 0.9, we can use $aggregate command to perform join queries on multiple collections in a database. This post would be a simple tutorial for join queries on Mongodb(via MongoEngine in Python) with examples. Models Setup Let’s consider models defined as below: import random import mongoengine class User(mongoengine.Document): meta = {"indexes": ['rnd']} name = mongoengine.StringField() rnd = mongoengine.FloatField(default=random.random) class Group(mongoengine.Document): meta = {"indexes": ['rnd']} name = mongoengine. Continue reading
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